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Takemiya Keiko — Kaze to Ki no Uta


How Breasts Can Look
A little while back, I made a post about the Reality of Nude Photos, and the public reaction that really surprised me in response was that it seemed like a lot of people had never actually seen a female body in different positions like that before. Lots of people didn’t believe that both of the images in that post were really me, because my breasts looked so different in the two pictures.
And that really stuck with me. Not any kind of frustration at the disbelief I received, but a genuinely eye-opening realization that people didn’t know what breasts can look like when they’re just flopped around in a picture or looked at from a different side. 
I certainly don’t have the same breasts as every other woman out there, so this is in no way meant to represent all of womankind. Not by a long shot. Breasts come in all shapes and sizes and each woman is unique in the way that they will stretch, sag, move, bounce, and so on. Women have different nipples, different sized areolae, and very differently shaped breasts. 
These are my breasts. 12 photos of them just hanging out and doing their thing. Every woman in the world could make this photo chart and it would be a little bit different each time. And in my opinion, that is one of the most wonderful and amazing things about the human body.

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Yamamoto Gendai-

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doing photoshoots at AWA this coming weekend.

i have a bunch of slots open, so message me if you’d like to schedule something or visit my page here¬†for more details!

can’t wait to see all you lovelies in atlanta. :~D


A very round  English Bulldog puppy